In John 14:30, in the Amplified version, it describes Satan as an evil genius and ruler of the Earth. He does everything in his power to lure people into his deadly traps. "Your Final Destination" unmasks peoples true enemy, Satan and shows those ensnared by his evil schemes that his only goal for them is one of destruction. Those who have the opportunity to see this dramatization will never forget it, nor will they be the same. They will leave with more understanding and be changed by the warmth of Gods love, mercy and grace..

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"Your Final Destination" is an incredibly well thought out depiction of everyday life in any town. A family watching, newscasters informing, events happening to average, every day people, in THE NEWS!!! All masterfully tied together to give this extraordinary drama, one of the most outstanding looks at someones Eternal Status and how significant it is. A phenomenal dramatization about the choices we make and how they will determine our final destination. In this life, unforeseen things happen, to all of us. Jesus is waiting for each and every one to call on Him. "Your Final Destination" will touch every person watching and show him or her that during the good and bad times of life God is there for them, to get them through their time of need, if they will just turn to Him.

Before Jesus left this Earth, he commanded His disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel of good news! We believe our mission is to carry out what the Head of the church commands. If it is His desire that none should perish, but ALL would have eternal life, then that too should be our desire; and it is!